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Monday, 16 July 2012

Begining Power Drafting in Siemens NX 8

A new method to drafting in Siemens NX 8 is power drafting, it's make drafting more efficient, fast when handle command, part, component because it's more specific in drafting only, to beginning with power drafting, you should select power drafting after click start-siemens, the first environment is like picture below

it does not look much different from previous versions, but keep in mind is only suitable for power drafting drafting process, it is not suitable when used for designing or modeling.

Start drafting

to begin drafting, click open to open a new or modeling that you have created, when it appeared browse the file, select parts you want to draft,
then click start (on the icon nx) select drafting (CTRL + SHIFT + D), show the option sheet, in this option you can choose to use an existing template (check the use template), or use Standrad size (from A4-A0) or use custom size. you can also define scale and drawing sheet name in this dialog box.

Use a template

if this option is used then the head will select images directly from the default template Siemens NX, of course, Siemens logo will appear on this option. select a size and click OK to select it.
paper size can also be converted into larger or smaller even though the process of drafting has been done. as well as scale, this choice allows us to drawing quickly, easy layout settings if it is the size of paper you use for drawing needs to change, so does the scale, the scale of standard and custom as a decimal fraction scale can also be included.
or we can also use standard size to make drawing without default template from Siemens NX, to make yout own sheet drafting dimension use custom size, than enter your own paper size.

Insert View 

use icon insert base view , or from main menu klik insert-view-base, then dialog box appear, from this dialog box select the view that want to draft, mainly top view, side, front, bottom left or right view.
just left click on sheet to put those view in drafting area, than move your mouse to make another view, for example when top view use as base view, moving cursor to bottom will give you front view, moving to right will get right view. 

this tutorial special designed for beginner in Siemens NX,  intermediate and advanced user may browse another tutorial in label that available in this blog.

Monday, 25 June 2012

setting monocrome display drafting using Siemes NX

monochrome display is important for presentation, and for picture when writing report or drawing picture for book,
default display is the drafting of Unigraphics colored according to the color line. for those of you who will make presentations, either for training or for the presentation of the work does not deny that sometimes requiring monochrome colors for drafting

default color drafting view
original color when drafting view is not monochrome
as well as making tutorials and books, monochrome display is often required. this is due to make the reader understand the book or tutorial images that have been made​​.
to convert to monochrome, click preference - visualization as shown picture below

next are, the dialog box appears select a set of monochrome, with a check mark, when activated will show width about providing a different effect according to the thickness of the thick-line setting
 results in the drafting of the monochrome setting, can be viewed at the following picture

Monday, 4 June 2012

Measure Radius of Gyration of a Mass In Siemens NX

In Siemens NX is easy to calculate radius of gyration of mass in one part or assembly part, the definition of

 Radius Gyration are

The Radius of Gyration of a Mass about a given axis is a distance k from the axis. At this distance k an equivalent mass is thought of as a Point Mass. The moment of inertia of this Point Mass about the original axis is unchanged.
The radius of gyration (r) about a given axis can be computed in terms of the mass moment of inertia I around that axis, and the total mass m;
r_{\mathrm{g}}^{2} = \frac{I}{m},
r_{\mathrm{g}} = \sqrt{ \frac {I} {m} }.
I is a scalar, and is not the moment of inertia tensor , (efunda and wiki)

Measure EG in Siemens NX

to begin measure bodies in Siemens NX choose Analysis in your toolbar, then select Measure Bodies, see picture below for detail
 after you select Measure Bodies a dialog box will appear, then you must select all solid body or part that you want to measure

 by default calculation of volume will be selected, but we can change to other calculation, like mass, surface area, weight and of course radius of gyration,  we will see new axis with symbol Zp,Xp and Yp, yest, there is position of radius of gyration, exact position also can see on box that appear, it's distance from the center

Monday, 23 April 2012

Manage Shading Display in Unigraphics NX

true appearance of shading is very useful especially for presentations, although the performance may decrease the ability of computer graphics, with this view you can change the look as original material, adding a light, adjusted the shadows, adding a background to the floor.

picture above shows the view without shading, the display mode is suitable for the design process,because the computer process became light.
to begin work with shading
1. activate true shading toolbar, you can also choose it from ribbon toolbar
2. click True Shading icon, it will activate all buton icon in this toolbar,
This step will automatically change the display to then shading, after all the active icon, you can change the various types of options for shading
 in the figure above, the display has changed although the product is not maximized, in order to maximize the results of rendering and shading, change various types of other options, such as:
a .Brused metal wash, adding appearance like metal finish
b. Glossy, make the product or your part became more glossy and have appearance like glass
c. Reflection, adding reflection, on bottom or side
d. Change background color or adding your own picture becoming background
e.  manage reflection
f.  manage reflection on floor
g. change the view of face edge, you can manage the color of edge or eliminate it.

for the example, picture below is a mould finish design, then the appearance has changed to make it more interesting by using simple true shading feature

Friday, 24 February 2012

Editing Text Style, color, thickness, text size in drafting

Some times we need to edit text style, because when drafting begin text size maybe too small, so it became trouble, we should edit the text style by two ways,
first select the text that you want to edit, then right click, and select style editing
second, we can select icon then edit the text.
for more detail please read below instruction

1. Define what you want to edit, text size, color, arrow marker or other, for the example, i want to edit text size and color for drafting like below :

2. Select Edit style icon, if you can't find it, perhaps your toolbar doesn't load it yet, check the toolbar "Edit Drafting", load it first if you can't find those toolbar.

3. select your text, dimension or annotation that you want to edit.

4. or you can choose select all, then click OK, annotation style dialog box will appear, select tab lettering, then change your character size, 3 almost same with 12 pt in microsoft word, we also can edit space factor, and aspect ratio, aspect ratio is ratio between width and height of text, 0.7 for example text will more thinner than 1. choose color on color box that appear, to make text become bold style, choose the bold of text beside the color box, you will find drop down menu, then select the bold type.
click Apply to All lettering type, it's mean this style will use in all text on the active drafting sheet.
click OK to finish style editing.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

move, copy, rotate using dynamic handle on NX 6 above

Starting from NX 6, new features that simplify the design is the process transform, move and copy, it can be done dynamically and previews directly, for those not familiar, of course it would be difficult, but the actual steps that need to be done very easily.

The principle works as follows
1. click the icon
2. select objects
3. move the handle
4. click OK

information in detail,
The first: select the icon move objects, or Click edit -> move object / click CTRL + SHIFT + M (first image above shows the steps to choosing the icon move objects)
The second: After Appear dialog box, on the move drop-down menu, select Dynamic (as shown on below picture)

Third: Click the object That you want to move or copy, UCS handles will appear, we can move the object by moving the handle, if you want to copy a copy please click the radio button on the options available

fourth : By default handle UCS on dynamic move will located on center of part, we can move it by select move handle only. Then click OK

(sample result after clicking OK Button)

We also can rotate by rotating handle

Friday, 13 January 2012

Change folder first time load for save or open file

To define how and where NX load part file, we need to configure some basic function like, save, open and assembly.
Dialog box will appear, like the below picture, from the dialog box here we can set up load the file first time as may be required, it is easier for us in working with Unigraphic later.

1. Part version
You can set whether each time to load a new file or open a file starting from the folder, or history. UGS default is the folder

2. scope
You can choose all the components directly on the load time, or just based on the stored data, or other options, are generally used are all components (including part assembly).

3. Save Load option
Save to file, serve to redirect the folder to load the first time, after the set, every time you open a new file, the folder will be automatically redirected to it.
So is the open from the file, after we set the folder, each time it opens the file it will automatically be redirected to a folder that was set.

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