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Sunday, 8 June 2008


when we design in UGS, 80 % work using mouse, so learning the function of mouse button is basic to work more faster in Unigraphic environments, basically mouse button in UGS divide in three button :
1. MB1 is left button
2. MB2 is scroll button or center button of mouse.
3. MB3 is right button.

The efficient use of these three buttons, along with the CTRL key, can reduce
the time required to complete the design task. The different combinations of the CTRL key and the mouse buttons are listed below:

1. The left mouse button is used to make a selection by simply selecting a face, surface, sketch, solid object or an object from the geometry area or from the Part Navigator. and we can select multiple entities with the this left button (MB1)
2. The right mouse button is used to invoke the shortcut menu, which has different options such as Zoom, Fit, Rotate, Pan, Delete abject,Hide parent, edit parameters, surpress and so on.
3. MB1 + MB2 + Drag, with this key, we can zoom the object.
4. MB2 + Drag, this key is to rotate function, Press and hold the middle mouse
button to invoke the Rotate tool
5. MB2 wheel scroll, is to zoom in and zoom out the object.Press and hold the CTRL key and then the middle mouse button to invoke the Zoom tool.
6. MB2 + MB3 + Drag, Press and hold the middle and the right mouse buttons to invoke the Pan tool, the Pan tool by first pressing
and holding the SHIFT key and then the middle mouse button


delesha martin said...

not what i wanted i waste my time :( :( :(

CP said...

Perfect short tutorial on what mouse combos do. Thank you :)

Andrew Lakey said...

This makes NX so much easier!!!

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