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Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Make simple Bolt

at the post, we will learn to make simple bolt using Unigraphics NX5 software.
step to make simple bolt are
1. make cylinder for bolt body
2. make cylinder for bolt head
3. unite those two cylinder
4. give chamfer operation at bottom and top of bolt

you also can see those step by see this video

to begin make cylinder, choose the icon like picture below

at the cylinder dialog box, fill the height and diameter, then click OK, basically if we don't define datum of the cylinder it will make from 0.0.0 datum.

from the cylinder that was created, make one more cylinder for bolt head, at this example we use ISO Standard Bolt, with diameter body 4 mm, height body 8mm, head high 4mm, and diameter 7mm.
to make second cylinder, after fill the diameter and height, before click OK, select face of first cylinder, choose face will became datum of second cylinder. to make easier select use inferred point.


to make chamfer select chamfer icon, then click the edge at head bolt and bottom bolt like picture above


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