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Friday, 25 July 2008

Split part using curve, delete unwanted part

after for a while i did't update this blog, now let's learn simply way to cut or split part using curve, then delete unwanted part and unite some part.

Split Body Icon
by using this icon, we can divide body part using two line, plane, parallel plane, curve and diameter of cylinder.

i was captured my screen using free software"auto screen recorder 3" this software is easy to operate and free, although there is no editing tool at those software.

below is video that i upload in veoh, by looking this video you can also see step by step to split part, delete unwanted part and unite other part.

Online Videos by

step by step to split an part :
1. select split body icon.
2. select the part.
3. define the plane (choose cylinder).
4. choose arc / circle.
5. select the arc of cylinder.
6. click ok.
7. select other object to repeat the operation or cancel to finish split operation.

try using other part and cylinder or hole.

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Rotate and Copy Object in Unigraphics

Video below is other operation of transformation in Unigraphics, if previous post we have learned to rotate some object or part, now at this video we will learn to rotate and copy the object.

to begin transform operation is same with previous post, use short cut CTRL + T, after class selection window appear select the object and so on, at the end, when move and copy button appear select copy.

look the video below to learn more

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Friday, 11 July 2008

Rotate an object by point and two axis in Unigraphics

some times we need to rotate our object or part that we draw in UGS, they are some way to rotate an object in UGS, video below will shown how to rotate using point and two axes,

the basic principle is, point that we select will become point reference (0,0,0) than two axes selected become direction, at this video sample Y and Z, axis that does not selected will become rotation axis (at this example X axis)

Online Videos by

step to rotate using two axis
0. begin operate with transforms click CTRL + T in your keybord
1. select object , then click OK
2. select rotate by two axes.
3. select the point.
4. select first axis, then click OK
5. select second axis, click ok
7. fill the angle that you want rotate.
8. click copy or move.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Transform and Moving Part Operation, point to point

now let's learn basic transform operation, to begin transform click using shortcut CTRL + T, together, class selection object dialog box will appear like picture below

for example i have two object, and i want to transform the green pipe to outer side, after class selection object appear, click the green pipe that we want to move

green pipe color will change after selected, now transformation dialog box will appear like picture below

at those dialog box, choose transform , we can choose point to point or using delta length of movement, choose point to point

make sure your quadrant point icon is on position and center circle in off position

then select quadrant in drop down menu like picture below

click quadrant position at green pipe,click MB2 (center/scroll mouse), then click target the other quadrant object.
then click move to move without copy, or select copy if want copy those object to others position.

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