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Monday, 23 March 2009

record, call, and using macro in Unigraphics

Macro is important to make fast design, because we can cut step design that too long became more shorter, we also can make hot key that run macro, so some command that must repeated to doing something can be make more shorter.

at this post we will learn about
How to Start Macro
How to records Macro
step by step to make Macro
adding Macro to your own command

read more below
Begin Macro in Unigraphics

you can also download the tutorial at link below
Macro of Unigraphics NX


berri said...

Hi, I don't understand how can a macro take a jpeg image of the NX screen??
You call the macro with a customized tool bar on NX, but how can be the macro or journal configured for a specific purpouse, this is the poibt I don't understand.


Vasily said...

Thanks for that tutorial. I just started using NX6 and found the nxtutorials[.]com website to have many interesting articles, tutorials, and models. I hope you find it helpful also!

Tony Reddy said...

i liked it very much
thanks for your information

ravi sharma said...

Thanks for that tutorial
my working is very shortly for after using macro for uni graphic.

ankita said...

Where did you get the article, I can not see on scribd?

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